Prayer Resources For Kids

Teach kids How to pray is one of the most important things we can do as ministry leaders with these activities. We hope to equip you with the Tools you need to Teach Kids how to learn to pray.

It’s so important to teach kids that prayer can help develop a close relationship with God. Praying can also help kids say their thoughts and feelings to God and ask for His guidance and support, with Prayer also being a source of comfort and strength during difficult times.

Prayer & Thanksgiving Cards for your Children’s Ministry Program

The Prayer and Thanksgiving cards are a perfect way to encourage your kids to pray.

This is a great tool for ministries and parents to collect prayers and testimonies in a creative way.

Pray & Thanksgiving Cards For Kids Ministry Free Printable

C.H.A.T Prayer Worksheet

The C.H.A.T Prayer Worksheet is a great way to teach kids how to Prayer and is a great send home activity for your Families at Church.

C Stands for Confession

Confession is when we tell God how we have sinned—the ways we have turned away from following Him.

By confessing to God, we show Him that we trust Him with everything. Knowing that He will still love us no matter what we confess, will in turn bring us closer to Him.

By confessing first in our prayers, we experience a closer relationship with God, and we know we can trust Him with our requests.

H Stands for Honor

God loves our worship. When we honor Him with our prayers—especially after confessing—it is pleasing to Him. We declare what we know to be true about Him!

Honor statements generally start with “God, you are ______.” And we tell Him truths we know about Him from the Bible!

A Stands for Ask

God says we can ask for anything in His name—and asking is usually the first thing we think of when it comes to prayer.

Asking is when we lay our requests before our God. This comes after we have built trust in confession and recalled His attributes in honor.

Often, kids can move to asking too fast, which can distract from the reverent posture we need to take through prayer.

T Stands for Thank

You will think of things they can be thankful for. This could be anything from answers to asked prayers, things you see in nature, your family, and even small things that you delight in!

By breaking down the different parts of prayer, we help kids slow down. Then they can consider who they are talking to and why it is important to pray.

Prayer Journal Worksheet

Help your kids write down prayer requests in this prayer journal worksheet, which is perfect for group activities and individual reflection.

This worksheet will help you try to create a practical activity based experience for your kids to practice prayer.

The Five Finger Prayer Method

The five-finger prayer method is an excellent way for you to think about what to pray for with your hands and fingers.


Invite The kids to  put their hands flat together in prayer. Use these words or a variation to guide children through the five finger prayer:

1. Thumb: Family and Friends

Your thumb is the finger that is closest to you. Start by praying for the people in your life who are closest to you.

2. Index Finger: Teachers

The finger next to your thumb is the index finger. We use this finger for pointing. Pray for the people who point you in the right direction.

3. Middle Finger: Leaders

Your middle finger is the tallest finger. For this finger we pray for the leaders of our country, our world, and our Church.

4. Ring Finger: Sick and Poor

Our ring finger is our weakest finger. We can’t move it without the help of our other fingers. For this finger, pray for the sick who need help and healing.

5. The Pinky Finger: You

Finally, for the smallest finger of all, pray for yourself. Jesus taught us to be humble so we pray for ourselves last with our pinkie finger.